Transform the Front Desk and Practice Social Distancing

Mobile Front Desk and Kiosk Tablet Check-in




Create a "paperless" Mobile Front Desk and reduce physical contact. BookingCenter offers flexible tools to transform your Front Desk paradigm with Self Check-in, Digital Document Signing, Mobile Concierge, or Kiosk Tablet Check-in.

Guests can login on a Mobile Device or Front Desk Tablet to update booking details, payment methods, eSign documents and check-in.

Imagine a paperless, touchless Front Desk

On day of arrival, the guest receives a text message to start Self Check-in.  After digitally signing the registration and updating their payment details, the guest checks-in and receives room entry instructions – from their mobile device. Skipping the Front Desk, they head directly to the room, unlocking it with a key code or mobile key technology. An SMS notification offers a discount on a spa service, and the guest immediately books a massage before making dinner reservations on the MyGuest Concierge Request System.

Make it happen with Mobile Front Desk and Tablet Check-in

Greet Guests in person, performing check-in on the way to their room or offer self service check-in via your Guest’s mobile phone or a Kiosk.  Rest assured signatures on registration cards, ‘swipe, dip, or tap’ of the Guest’s credit card, and acceptance of policies are strictly enforced.  And empower your guests to purchase services from your property and local area via your online Concierge system. 

All these options are easy – and inexpensive – with BookingCenter’s Property Management System. Take a read below and learn how your operations can transform from yesterday’s focus on the ‘Front Desk’ to tomorrow’s self- or personal- service approach to property management.

Create a modern and personalized Front Desk Experience

Move beyond the traditional Front Desk – property management is about service. By eliminating the traditional stop at the front desk, staff can focus on what matter’s most – the guest!  Plus, many guests want the flexibility to interact with hotels in a variety of ways, whether by texting a request, an early check-in, or by unlocking their guest room with keyless entry powered by a mobile app. 

Provide a flexible and personalized paperless check-in at the Front Desk.

Update booking and payment details, check-in and get room entry details on any mobile device.

Online and onsite payments via a secure, PCI-compliant gateway and/or an EMV Swipe/Dip/Tap device.

Send, Sign and Store unlimited Digital Documents. All docs are securely stored with the booking, forever.

SMS Messaging

Use SMS ('text' messaging) to deliver immediacy to your Guests.

Our mobile app notifies when guests check-in, digitally sign a document, need assistance, or submit a request (among other events).

Create a Mobile Front Desk with Self Check-in or Kiosk Tablet Check-in

Enhance the guest experience. Speed up check-in. Streamline operations.

BookingCenter Self Check-in Mobile Front Desk Tablet and Mobile Phone

In today’s world, there is no doubt that Mobile Hospitality has become an essential part of the guest experience. From booking, through visiting, guests want to interact with your on their mobile device.  

BookingCenter gives you the tools to create an automated, “paperless” front desk and streamline back office operations with Mobile Self Check-in, Digital Document Signing, SMS Messaging and our MyGuest Mobile Concierge and Request System.

Automate everyday tasks like check-in, payments, signing registration, and sending receipts while instantly connecting the guest to highly personalized service- all at the same time, integrated in your PMS.

Switching to a paperless Front Desk/Back Office offers the added benefit of secure file storage, reduced resources, and improved tracking.

Mobile Self Check-in System

Hotel Guests Bypass the Front Desk

Mobile Self Check-in is ideal for properties who want guests to bypass the front desk by checking-in on their personal (usually mobile) device and going straight to their room. On arrival date (at any time post-booking you desire), your guest receives an Email and/or SMS with Self Check-in details and secure access to manage their booking, agree to your conditions (and sign your contract!), and check-in.

Perfect for properties who use Self-CheckIn as a convenience or to supplement a ‘front desk’ environment.  

This system offers either a code or directions to access the specific Room/Unit assigned. 

Credit card payments can be handled by Staff and/or via your ‘authorization policy’ that allows the Guest to choose the card authorized for the check-in, and automatically receive an auth for the policy amount.  

Kiosk / Tablet Check-in System

Automate the Front Desk Check-in and Book 24 x 7 into available rooms

Perfect for properties who use Self-Check in as a supplement to the Front desk check-in process at a designated check-in area, using an internet device to ‘greet’ guests at a location.  

Your kiosk may include an EMV terminal for payment, physical key encoders for door access, and printers for receipts.  

Kiosk systems are designed for guests to look-up booking(s), ‘dip’ credit cards for authorizations, check-in, and print key cards or download an app to gain room access.  And to provide a 24 x 7 ‘Book Now’ to enable Guests to book and check in from the Kiosk – perfect for an un-attended operations.

BookingCenter works with our customer to brand the UX (User Experience) and connect all required technology.*

  • All software solution. MyPMS Integration.
  • Optimized for the mobile device of the traveler.
  • Automatic payment authorization using 'Traditional MyCard'
  • Unique access instructions per room, allowing detailed instructions for mix of hotel and rental units.
  • 'Keyless' and ‘keyed doors’ with instructions; or a mix of both. Perfect for hotel and 'rental' mixes.
  • eSign Digital Signature - Custom Registration and Confirmation signing using guest's device.
  • Automated SMS Messaging (optional).
  • Integration with MyGuests guarantees process oversight.
  • Supressed rate bookings from 'net rate' agents such as Expedia and are automatically required to enter an 'incidental' credit card, if desired.
  • All software solution. MyPMS Integration. Meant to integrate with a customer-provided tablet or internet device.
  • Total automation allows for EMV ‘dipping’ to capture credit cards and encode Key Cards, supporting legacy doors.
  • Automatic payments, supporting EMV ('dip/tap/swipe') and 'Traditional' MyCard
  • Dedicated infrastructure allows for self-managed guest experience with branded ‘look and feel’.
  • Can replace Front Desk operations entirely.
  • eSign Digital Signature - Custom Registration and Confirmation, using kiosk or guest's device.
  • Automated SMS Messaging (optional).
  • Integration with MyGuests guarantees process oversight.
  • Supressed rate bookings from 'net rate' agents such as Expedia and are automatically required to enter an 'incidental' credit card, if desired.​
Self Check-in. Automated from start to finish.

Let the staff focus on the things that matter the most with an automated Self Check-in System

Self Check-in lets your guest update their details, preferred payment method, view policies, digitally sign documents, and complete check-in from their mobile device. The process is fully integrated with MyPMS with synchronized status updates and customized messaging to staff and guests. 

Incorporate eSign – Digital Document Signing if you require a signed Registration, contract. Add SMS for immediate text messaging to Guests (subscription required). 

Guests can views booking details, update guest information, enter payment methods and sign the registration card from any phone or tablet.
Take Payments from anywhere with EMV
Pax PX5 EMV device

EMV captures 'swipes', 'dips', and 'taps' without cords.  Be free and wireless.

Supporting ApplePay, Samsung and Google Payments, chip card ‘dips’, swipes, and manual entries (when needed), payment can be added anywhere. MyCard© is BookingCenter’s PCI Compliant credit card payment gateway tightly integrated with MyPMS.

It is easy to use and eliminates the need for separate POS, additional phone lines, monthly and transaction fees and time intensive auditing of settlement reports.

Connect your existing Merchant Account (or, we’ll help you get a new one that saves you money) to enable ‘dip’, ‘tap’, and ‘swipe’ for credit cards. Use with a Booking, Group Booking, House Account, Direct Bill payment, or online deposits from your Booking Engine.

MyCard uses the latest POS hardware – EMV, ApplePay, NFC devices (GooglePay, Samsung Pay, etc), mobile, ‘dip’, ‘tap’, and ‘swipe’ Hardware.

Send, Sign and Store Digital Documents
eSign captures guest signatures and stores documents forever

Have guests sign your registration card (or any contract) on their mobile device or your tablet, always stored with the booking, and emailed to the guest for their records. Whether guests sign on their own device (smart phone, tablet, or personal computer) or with you, the signed docs are securely stored with the booking, forever.

Manage from anywhere. Get immediate updates and notifications.
MyGuest Manager Dashboard lets you track requests, assign to staff and communicate with staff and guests all in one place.

With the BookingCenter mobile app, get immediate alerts and notifications when guests check-in, digitally sign a document, update their payment details, cancel their booking, needs assistance, submits a request, or an other event you wish to make part of your Conierge service.

Our iOS and Android app delivers to your staff immediate alerts via ‘push’ notifications, allowing them to monitor requests in real-time from anywhere via their phone, tablet, or computer. 

Learn more about MyGuest Mobile Concierge and Request System