PMS Interfaces and Modules

Extend the power of your Property Management System with Interfaces and Modules

Website Booking Engine, Credit Card Processing, OTA Connections, Yield Management and more!


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MyCard – Payment Gateway

Seamless integration with MyCard, our  PCI compliant comprehensive credit card processing system. Get started with MyCard

Website Booking Engine

Take online bookings with ‘real-time’ rates and availability and optional payment processing. Customize “look and feel”. Sell items and Packages.

MyPMS Yield ManagementYield Management

Manage rate yield and forecasting. Automate changes to Front Desk, Website, and GDS/ OTA Channels.


Add items to accommodations and sell these packages online. Integrate tracking for easy fulfillment, financial and daily management.

Point of Sale (POS)

Connect to preferred Restaurant, Bar, and Gift Shop POS; Merchant Account –credit cards; sell Packages

Owner Management

Management of Rooms or Units by individual owner by tracking commissions, payments, expenses and generating reports.

Guest ServicesGuest Services

Interfaces to over 500 unique Guest Services devices including key less systems, mini-bar, movies & internet usage.

Call Accounting

Add guest phone charges to a booking with complete record of the call including extension duration, and destination.

Marketing ServicesMarketing Services (MSO)

Use guest traffic patterns increase revenue sources. Better understand your marketplace and maximize your impact!

GDS and OTA Programs

Boost your online marketing strategy with GDS Distribuiton, OTA Connections, and Meta Search.


Website Integration

Connect your PMS to your BookingSuite Digital Marketing Interface.

TripAdvisor – TripConnect

Seamless interface to TripAdvisor, Trip Connect and Review Express.

Interfaces and Modules: Desktop PMS for MAC and PC (Compatible only with the Desktop PMS)

Remote Backup (Included in MyPMS)

For customers who have their own remote servers that can be accessed via FTP from their property, the ‘remote backup’ Module allows BookingCenter to automatically .zip and save the BookingCenter datafile on remote servers every night, reducing reliance on local backups. Learn more

 multiuser licenseMulti-user License (Included in MyPMS)

Network multiple machines (even Windows and Macs together) on a network. PLUS — if you use Mac OS 9/ OS X and Windows 95/NT/2000/XP — this network can be expanded to the Internet, allowing multiple managers of a property over any Internet connection.Learn more

POS Desktop PMS (Included in MyPMS)

For businesses that want to sell Packages or automate their payments, the Point of Sale module is a must! The POS Module enables BookingCenter PRO customers. Learn more

Group Bookings

Group Bookings (Included in MyPMS)

For businesses that work with groups, this module fits tightly into your BookingCenter software to manage multiple guest accounts within a single account. Excellent for preparing and printing (to email, screen, or printer) group itineraries and invoices.