Simplify Booking Management. Manage rates and availability to your Website, GDS and OTA channels.

Channel Manager

Sell Your Units Online. Manage multiple online connections to major OTA's like Expedia,, TripAdvisor, Airbnb with complete control over rates and availability, automatic booking import and synchronized updates to all channels.


Ideal for both the traditional "Full-Service" and the non-traditional "Self-Service" hospitality owner.

Single and Multi Unit Management

Manage a single unit or multiple units. Each unit can have its own distribution channel, rate, and availability allocations, customized letters and policies.

Booking and Guest Management

Create detailed reports and track guest history. Create and send customized booking confirmation, registration, electronic signature for each Owner/Unit with access details to each Unit)s).

Automatic Deposits and Payments

Bookings automatically import with payment details. Payment gateways assure Deposits are processed immediately.

Rate Management Tools

Change rates and restrictions with automatic updates. Automate rate changes based on time and occupancy patterns with Yield Management.

Manage multiple Channels with connections to major OTA Channels like and Expedia, GDS, TripAdvisor and Airbnb. Connect your website booking engine for direct bookings.

Synchronized Rates and Availability

Manage multiple OTA Channels with complete control over rate and availability allocations and synchronized availability to all channels.

Automatic Booking Import

New booking import, booking modifications and cancellations are automatically updated with availability synchronized across all channels.

Guests login via their mobile device or your Kiosk to book, pay, update booking details, payment methods, eSign documents and check-in.

Channel Manager Products

BookingCenter offers three Channel Manager Options for both traditional and non-traditional hospitality owners and managers to manage their bookings, availability, rates and OTA Channels in one place. Scalable from one to hundreds of units with integrated Owner Unit and Self-serviced Unit Management

Channel Manager

Manage Rates and Availability. Sell Unit(s) on major OTA Channels and GDS Networks.

The Channel Manager offers a powerful and easy-to-use tool for properties who want to actively manage rates and availability on any combination of online channels including website booking engines, OTA Channels (, AirBnB, Expedia, TripAdvisor, etc), and GDS networks. 

This product is inexpensive, can be setup easily (either by BookingCenter staff or by the customer), and provides for online sales and tracking to all networks and use of our Booking Engines or APIs.  

Customers who need more functionality to their online sales can add optional services such as a Payment Gateway to seamlessly transact payments, selling Fixed and/or Dynamic Packages, add Self Check-in, or Yield Management to automate your rates.

Owner Channel Manager

Unit Owners manage online channels with full integration to the Front Desk PMS.

For Owners of an HOA, association, or group of BookingCenter properties, the Owner Channel Manager markets specific unit(s) globally via a unique Channel Manager profile while automating bookings seamlessly to MyPMS for operation and back office reporting.

A powerful and easy-to-use tool for Unit Owners to actively manage rates and availability on any combination of online channels including website booking engines, OTA Channels (, AirBnB, Expedia, TripAdvisor, etc), and GDS networks. All bookings taken via the Channel Manager integrate with MyPMS for the front desk staff.

The Owner Channel Manager includes the Owner Connect Program with an Owner Login, and all abilities of the Channel Manager. 

Learn more about the Owner Channel Manager by reading below.  If you are a MyPMS customer, read here to distribute your Unit(s) via separate Channel Manger(s).

Channel Manager Ultimate

For Managers who “want it all” – Booking Management, Digital Document Signing, Self Check-in, SMS Messaging and more.

All of the capabilities of the Channel Manager with additional features such as:  Manage Room assignments and changes; integrate MyGuest events for your booking(s); log all events; automate Self Check-in; send (for e-Signing) and store digitally signed documents such as Contracts, Group Contracts, Registration Letters, etc.; automate or manually send Emails and/or SMS’ to specific Bookings, Guest, or Groups.  

By supporting Self Check-in, the system can manage dynamic locks via door codes or Low Energy Bluetooth locks from 100s of ‘e-lock’ vendors. With many functions of a PMS, the Ultimate Channel Manager makes managing bookings from all sources – direct, online booking; OTA  Channels; and GDS networks – easy. Incorporate MyGuest to provide a full-featured ‘concierge’ system and website for each Unit(s).

Included in all Channel Manager products

Manage pricing and availability with allocation to specific channels. Automatic sync with booking engine, GDS and OTA Channels. Smart Rate Management tools make it easy to manage multiple rates and restrictions at once.  Automate rate changes based on key factors like occupancy, date range and competitor’s rates using the Yield Management module

The ability to manage credits and debits for each Booking is crucial.  If you add a payment gateway, then deposits and receipts can be automated.

Each booking can have receipts of unlimited types credited against a booking(s). In addition, the system will track refunds (debits) and adjustments against any booking. An audit trail of who makes each Receipt assignment or adjustment is saved per booking.

Letters allows you to create templates to automate, or manually send, customized email, SMS, or printed documents to guests. A “Letter” is any document such as a Registration Card, Confirmation/Cancellation Letter, Receipt, Thank you for staying, etc. Basically anything you would like to send to guests. 

Letters can be customized with rich text and images. To display specific guest and booking information, ‘merge fields’ automatically insert data from the booking i.e. Guest name, Deposit, tax details, etc. 

Reports give you the ability to track Occupancy, Bookings, Arrivals, Departures, and transactions (payments and charges) and more.

All Channel Manager reports can be saved and/or printed as .PDF, HTML (web page), Excel (.xls), and Text (.cvs). We also offer reporting for online payments via credit card when integrated with a PCI-compliant gateway.

There are a variety of sort functions for your reports based on Booking Details such as, Source, Agent, Company, Rate, etc. This data can be very useful for Marketing purposes.

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Owner Channel Manager

Innovative solutions for owners with one to hundreds of Units

Perfect for the non-traditional, Vacation Resort, Condo Hotel business with Owners who wish to control their Unit(s) marketing, while the property uses MyPMS to manage day-to-day business. Front Desk staff appreciate the convenience of Owners managing their specific Unit(s) concurrent with operations.  Guests go from online booking to check-in in at the front desk (or self-checkin) seamlessly.

The Owner’s Channel Manager empowers Owners to market their unit(s) and automate bookings with seamless integration to your Front Desk Booking System. 

BookingCenter offers flexible tools for non-traditional hospitality owners and managers. A growing number of “non-traditional” hospitality companies are using BookingCenter to manage their bookings, availability, rates and OTA Channels in one place. 
Managing bookings, selling through online channels, communicating with guests and sending details to the hotel can be time consuming. When you partner with BookingCenter, we take away the stress of managing these details with an easy-to-use Channel Manager for Owners, with automatic booking import to your PMS
Built from over 23 years developing and supporting property management and central reservation services, BookingCenter’s tools and processes are time-tested and secure. Our tools manage the day–to–day, with availability and rate management managed both centrally and/or via an Owners area. 
Our dedicated team will get you set up and connected and determine the right mix of online distribution channels per Owner. We provide 24 x 7 support, so you can be assured that the availability ‘calendar’ is always in sync, rates always updating in ‘real time;’ and all booking info is kept accurate.

Features of the Owner Channel Manager

Extend Globally: Add a website booking engineOTA Direct ConnectionsGDSTripAdvisorAirBnB, or Concierge system.

Booking and Guest Management. Create detailed reports, send customized letters, and track guest history. Customize Letters – booking confirmation, registration, electronic signature, auto Letters – for each specific Owner with access details to each Unit)s)

Integration with Front Desk: Seamless booking integration with the Front Desk Property Management System.

Automatic Booking Import of new bookings and real-time updates with modifications and cancellations to website, OTA, and GDS channels.

Synchronized Availability Updates to all Channels when rate and availability changes are made anywhere.

Complete Website Booking Engine Solutions

BookingCenter provides three approaches for Condo Hotels, Vacation Rentals companies, Resorts or 'self catering', non-traditional lodging groups looking for an end-to-end solution.

Individual Local and Destination Website(s)

An number of websites can be activated for Online Bookings using simple cut and pasting of links. Thus, participation in other local initiatives (FaceBook, email campaigns, Real Estate websites, Chamber of Commerce, Visitor’s Bureau, direct Agents, etc) is powered – and tracked – for each unit(s).  Learn more about our various Booking Engines.


Portal Website

Perfect for groups or owners with units in multiple locations. This WordPress website solution is responsive, mobile friendly, highly customizable and is integrated into your PMS (if applicable), OTAs, and payment gateway. Guests check availability, rates, amenities, activities, regions, cities, etc for a group of Unit(s) and return only those units meeting the criteria selected. This WordPress solution is based on the BookYourTravel WordPress theme using BookingCenter’s custom plug-in.  Experience a sample here.

Concierge Website

A sleek, mobile system for managing vendors, housekeeping, and guest requests.  Whether a single Unit, an entire hotel, or a group of Units, our Concierge system comes with both a sleek WordPress website and a mobile – iOS & Android – app for managers and vendors, supporting immediate notifications and escalations of critical requests. The WordPress website provides Concierge interactive services to your Guests, as well as the ability to book online and interact with your vendors. An elegant way to manage a website with integrated services (housekeeping, activities, etc) and a Booking Engine.  Experience a sample here.