Packages Module

Offer specials, promotions and packages on your website with complete PMS integration.

Make it easy to manage Availability, Rates and Package Items from your PMS

For properties who want to create custom packages to sell online the Packaging Module is a must! Many lodging providers realize selling packages provides our guest with a better overall experience and adds to the profitability of your business. Our property management system allows you to easily manage Availability, Rates and Package Items for online bookings through your website and GDS networksUser our tools to build packages in MyPMS,  Desktop PMS and Channel Manager and connect to millions of shoppers.

Our packaging capability makes it easy to combine your accommodations with value added Items. And since we are all about efficient management, we integrate the tracking of the package contents for easy fulfillment, financial and daily management.

Packages on your website

Build you own custom package with complete control over the rooms, items, pricing, dates, and minimum stay requirements.

  • Example: Romance Package
    Combine a room, flowers, and a bottle of wine, etc. and sell it from your website with a two night minimum, available any day of the week. 
  • Example: Midweek Package
    Bundle a room, a meal + a spa treatment, etc. and sell as a package to increase midweek bookings. Available Sunday – Thursday only. 

See more examples of Packages

Packages on GDS

Choose your rooms, rates, dates, and minimum stay requirements, and allow travel agents and large travel portals to add it to their sites or their ‘dynamic’ packages

  • Example: Business Packages
    Provide the GDS systems (travel agents and corporate planners) with a special rate and stay restrictions from Sunday – Thursday for business travelers requiring early breakfast, business office services provided by your staff, and ‘turn down’ service.  A great way to entice mid-week business travel to your inn. 
  • Example: Orbitz Package
    Provide a Bed, Breakfast, and Spa Package that Orbitz (one of the few OTAs that displays Package rates) that will sell as a composite package to its millions of shoppers

Self Check-in/out present new opportunities, offering Up Selling during the process has proven to produce great revenue results – and consistent guest satisfaction.

Up Selling Add-ons are easier to sell via the guests device (or kiosk) than in person. 

While the most popular Up Sell items are ‘early check-in’ and ‘late check-out’ the opportunity is as diverse as are properties.

Offer distinct Add-ons during Check-IN than from Checkout-OUT.

Contact us to see how this can work for your business.

Up Sell at Check-In/Out
UpSell at Check-In
'early check-in' is most common request
Up Sell at Check-Out
'late check-out' is most common UpSell for check-out.
Guests Manage Their Add-ons
Guests edit or remove any Up Sell Items added during the process.
Guest Self Service
Guests update own details saves time and guarantees accuracy.
Payment Options
Presenting 'I Agree' checkbox with your policy statement (auth, full pay, %, or a flat fee) makes the transaction secure - and outside chargeback scope.
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Requirements for using the packages features inside BookingCenter: A customer must have one of the following:

  1. Registered MyPMS + the Packaging Module (a customer can optonally use MyCard, but the Packaging Module is an extra one-time fee)
  2. Registered license of Desktop Pro with a Booking Engine contract + the POS Module (the Packaging Module is included in the POS Module for Desktop Pro customers); or
  3. Registered Management Tool Pro + the POS Module (the Packaging Module is included in the POS Module for Management Tool Pro customers)

Compatible with:   MyPMS | Desktop PMS | Channel Manager

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