Consortia Programs | Join a Travel Agent Consortia!

Consortia Programs

Join Consortia Travel Agent groups and increase bookings by offering competitive rates to travel agents worldwide.


Each year BookingCenter offers a list of Consortia and TMCs (Travel Management Companies) to our GDS properties for participation.

If your property chooses to participate in the annual program, you will receive instructional emails, starting in July/August, keeping you up-to-date with the bidding process for the following year.

Along with keeping you informed, BookingCenter makes a strong effort to market your property to these mega agencies.

What is a Consortia?

According to HEDNA a consortia is a “rate negotiated between a hotel company and a travel agency group. Viewership of these rates in the GDS by a TA or other GDS user is restricted and the rate may be booked only after entry of either the Agents or Client authorization code.” Originally started for mom and pop travel agencies, Consortia’s have become a major player in the travel industry.

A Consortia is a conglomerate of travel agency members that have joined an organization and by doing this can increase marketing to their customers by offering competitive rates at hotels worldwide. For an overview of this year’s Consortia programs, download this document.  Each program has a list of requirements and fees to participate, but the standard requirements include:

  • Rate Parity
  • Last room availability guarantee
  • 10% commission to the Agent
  • All rates quoted are to be guaranteed for the entire year starting from Jan 1 – Dec 31, unless otherwise noted.

BookingCenter uses the Nexus Consortia Services Tool  as the tool for managing the RFP and content process.  As such, each customer who chooses to participate will be purchasing access to a Nexus account connected to their GDS account.  Only customers of the GDS program can participate in Consortia, but they will get these benefits:

• Seamless integration – Using the Nexus tool, we’re able to push rates, availability, and bookings from BookingCenter to/fro your GDS/Consortia rates.

• Content Integration – Hotels will have the option to auto populate their property profile in Nexus with data from your GDS profile.

• Centralized Communication – All marketing opportunities will be communicated through the Nexus tool. Using Nexus you’ll be able to respond to Consortia RFPs and handle all marketing engagements through a single tool.

• Easy to use – Nexus is intuitive and when you have a question our support team is here to assist. Live training sessions are offered weekly so you’ll always have someone available to walk you through the process.

Please download this overview document  which explains this year’s 2018 Consortia programs and answers questions such as:

  • What are the Programs that I can participate, and what do they offer?
  • What are the benefits to participation?
  • Who books Consortia rates?
  • When is a corporate rate vs. consortia rate booked?

Please see the list below for details on specific Consortia programs.