BookingCenter offers flexible tools for non-traditional hospitality owner/managers. 

Property Management Solutions

Complete online reservation system, easy-to-use channel manager, website booking engine and mobile concierge system.

Manage bookings, availability, rates and OTA Channels in one place

A growing number of “non-traditional” hospitality companies are using BookingCenter to manage their bookings, availability, rates and OTA Channels in one place. 

Built from over 23 years developing and supporting property management and central reservation services, BookingCenter’s tools and processes are time-tested and secure. Our tools manage the day–to–day, with availability and rate management managed both centrally and/or via an Owners area. 

Thus, your Owners can manage their own bookings and OTA Channels, or you can do so for them. Either way, flexibility allows you to grow your portfolio by offering choice in operations and marketing to each Unit/Owner.

Integration with HOA Front Desk: Seamless booking integration with the Front Desk PMS with Owner login to view bookings, track transactions and get reports.

Booking and Guest Management: Create detailed reports and statements, send customized letters and track guest history. 

Website Booking Engine and Portal: Sell your units online and showcase your property with one our website portal and booking engine options.

Channel Manager:  Connect to major OTA and GDS Channels, AirBnB and TripAdvisor. Manage with complete control over rate and availability allocations and synchronized availability updates to all channels.

Concierge Services:A sleek, mobile-friendly Concierge website for your Guests with a fully integrated Request and Incident Tracking System for Staff. 

Owner Unit Management

Perfect for the non-traditional hospitality owner with one or more self-serviced units. Your guests can go directly from an online booking to checking in at the front desk without your involvement. 

Owner Unit Programs

Owner Connect Program

Owner login for managing rates, availability, and bookings with seamless ‘sync’ to the HOA Front Desk Booking System

Manage Rooms or Units by Owner with commission, payment, and expense tracking. Owners can login to their portal to view bookings, track transactions and get reports.  rates, availability, and bookings seamlessly stay in ‘sync’ with the HOA Property Management System (PMS).Owners can <optionally> manage their own OTA Channels and Booking Engines, as well.


Sell your unit(s) online and automate the booking process with seamless integration to your HOA Front Desk Booking System. 

Managing bookings, selling through online channels, communicating with guests and sending details to the hotel can be time consuming. When you partner with BookingCenter, we take away the stress of managing these details with an easy-to-use Channel Manager, automatic booking import to your HOA Front Desk, and an easy rate and availability management tool. 

Our dedicated team will get you set up and connected and determine the right mix of online distribution channels. We provide 24 x 7 support for customers participating in this program, so you can be assured that your availability ‘calendar’ is always in sync, your rates always updating in ‘real time;’ and all booking info is kept accurate.

Add additional services for a complete Booking System

Affiliate and ‘Social Media’ Marketing

Simple and secure Marketing Services Organization (MSO) promotes your property through affiliate networks and social media (Facebook, Google Analytics, LivingSocial, Groupon, etc). 

Online Payment Management

BookingCenter can setup the property with our POS Module, which provides payment processing for online payments via credit cards to your merchant account.

Rate Yield Management

Automate rate changes to your Website, and/or GDS and OTA Channels – based on pre-defined Occupancy and/or Time patterns. 

Online Booking Solutions

BookingCenter provides three approaches for WordPress developers or 'self catering', non-traditional lodging groups looking for an end-to-end solution.

Concierge Website

A sleek, mobile-friendly Concierge website for your Guests with a fully integrated Request and Incident Tracking System for Staff. Instead of the tired old 'brochure' website, easily add an interactive Concierge website for each Unit that increases Guest satisfaction and enables mobile access to all amenities.

Portal Website

Ideal for the property owner with units in multiple locations. This complete solution is responsive, mobile friendly, highly customizable and is integrated into your PMS (if applicable), OTAs, and payment gateway. Guests check availability, rates, amenities, activities, regions, cities, etc for a group of Unit(s) and return only those units meeting the criteria selected.

Booking Engine

Individual Local and Destination Website(s), an unlimited number of websites can be activated for Online Bookings using simple cut and pasting of links. Thus, participation in other local initiatives (Real Estate websites, Chamber of Commerce, Visitor’s Bureau, direct Agents, etc) is powered.