Digital Document Signing 

Improve Staff Productivity and Reduce Overhead Costs


Use Digital Signing to complete registration cards, agreements and contracts in minutes. 

We’ve brought Digital Document Signing right into your booking flow, streamlining the process for your customers and staff. BookingCenter eSign- Digital Document Signing  lets you create a customized letter with a built-in digital signature function which can be emailed to guests at any time on or before the check-in date. This allows you to request and store documents signed by the guest. The eSign function is incorporated into the MyPMS booking process and seamlessly integrated with Self Check-in and MyGuest Mobile Concierge and Request System.

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Send. Sign. Store

Tablet & Mobile Friendly

Guests can view, sign and submit documents from any device – desktop, tablet or phone.

 Synced with Bookings

Do it all right from your PMS. Request and store documents with digital ѕіgnаturеѕ with each booking in your PMS

Send Signature Request from PMS

Full PMS integration allows you to email or SMS a Digital signature Request to any guest right from the booking.

Ѕtоrе аnd fіnd ѕіgnаturеѕ еаѕіlу

Full PMS integration allows you to stоrе, аrсhіvе аnd fіnd ѕіgnаturеѕ еаѕіlу

Create a Mobile Front Desk Experience

Move beyond the traditional Front Desk – property management is about service. By eliminating the traditional stop at the front desk, staff can focus on what matter’s most – the guest!  Plus, many guests want the flexibility to interact with hotels in a variety of ways, whether by texting a request, an early check-in, or by unlocking their guest room with keyless entry powered by a mobile app. 

Provide a flexible and personalized paperless check-in at the Front Desk.

Update booking and payment details, check-in and get room entry details on any mobile device.

Online and onsite payments via a secure, PCI-compliant gateway and/or an EMV Swipe/Dip/Tap device.

Send, Sign and Store unlimited Digital Documents. All docs are securely stored with the booking, forever.

SMS Messaging

Use SMS ('text' messaging) to deliver immediacy to your Guests.

Our mobile app notifies when guests check-in, digitally sign a document, need assistance, or submit a request (among other events).

MyGuest Guest Request Integration

When added to MyGuest, the Self Check-in process uses ‘push notifications’ to notify staff when guests submit a digitally signed document, as well as manage any error such as a failure to send.