Automate BOOKING and check-in .... 24/7

Kiosk Self Check-in

Kiosk Self Check-in lets your guests quickly book, easily find an existing booking, pay for their stay, and check-in 24/7 from one or more kiosks – perfect for unattended operations. 

For properties wanting to supplement - or replace - the Check-in process with a Self-Service option,
Create a contactless hotel experience.

Recent events have forced many hospitality providers to completely change their approach to guest service. BookingCenter’s Self Check-in Kiosk helps you transition into the new reality with a customized  and completely integrated self-service solution.

Our Kiosk is multi-lingual and designed for guests to book available room(s), look-up and authenticate existing booking(s), ‘dip/tap’ credit cards for authorizations or payment, print key cards, retrieve a PIN, or download an app to gain room access. 

Full PMS integration gives you complete control over each kiosk such as: unique branding per kiosk; business rules including support for ‘suppressed rate’ bookings; unique rules by Agent, Room Type, or Rate; customized messaging; payment policies per kiosk; and much more. Connect your preferred Kiosk tablet hardware for an affordable self-service solution.

All the features you need for a complete Self-Service Kiosk Check-in

Each Kiosk presents particulars such as contact phone/email; payment hardware and policy; default language (yes, it is multi-lingual!); deposit and cancellation/early checkout policy so that each Kiosk offers different policies and branding business profiles, if desired.

Each Kiosk can use a unique Booking Engine template (if offering ‘Book Now’ capabilities at the Kiosk) in order to facilitate the best experience for the Guest.  Learn more here.

Each Kiosk uses a unique Letter displayed to the Kiosk when the Kiosk is is Active (we call this the ‘welcome letter’) and another Letter when the Kiosk is Inactive; and we track which User(s) turns the Kiosk On and Off to help oversee daily operations.

Set up one or multiple kiosks with the ability to turn on/off one Kiosk at a time and observe the status of each Kiosk.

Allocate different rooms and/or rates to the ‘Book Now’ (Booking Engine) from your Kiosk(s) than what is publicly displayed on your website, OTAs, or GDS profile.

With different rates/avail shown to the ‘Book Now’ from your Kiosk(s), your Deposit/Payment/Cancellation/Early Check-out policies will often be different than what is shown on your website, OTAs, or GDS profile.

Enable a Guest who booked via a ‘rate suppress’ channel such as Expedia Collect, pre-paid, HotelTonight paid booking (described here), to check-in, not showing the rates that were booked via these 3rd parties, nor seeing the rates on their ‘registration letter’ required to sign, but possibly still required to provide an incidental credit card.

If using MyGuest,  each time a Kiosk is turned ON, MyGuest generates a request and identifies who turned it on. When it’s turned OFF, MyGuest closes the request.  This allows  managers to know when, and whom, is using Kiosk Self Check-in to turn the property into auto-attendant mode.

With our Housekeeping App, when housekeeper marks a room as ready, a guest at the check-in kiosk can instantly book the room and get their key.

How does Kiosk Self Check-in work?

Guest authenticates and locates their booking(s)

Digitally signs Registration

Makes a payment or enters new card for incidentals

Checks-in and receives room access instructions

Makes a new booking (optional)

Connect your preferred Kiosk Tablet Hardware*

Kiosk BC Tablet9

*BookingCenter does not provide or recommend the kiosk hardware pictured here. Kiosk images are shown for examples only.

Remote Kiosk Access and Control from your PMS 

Kiosk are completely integrated with MyPMS giving you control over each kiosk with customized templates, specific Room and Rate allocations, payment options, policies and messaging. Set up one or more Kiosks in multiple locations with the control to turn on and off each Kiosk and monitor the status of each.  You can also enable the “Book Now” feature to let guests make a booking at the kiosk(s). 

Enable the “Suppressed Rates” feature to automatically hide rate information for third party prepaid bookings. 

Add our MyGuest Request System to track usage of each Kiosk with automatic notifications, letting managers to know when Kiosk Self Check-in is turned on and the property in auto-attendant mode.

With our Housekeeping App, when housekeeper marks a room as ready, a guest at the kiosk can instantly book the room and get their key.