Point of Sale (POS) Interface with seamless PMS integration

Connect MyPMS to any preferred Point of Sale System (POS) and post transactions directly to the Guest folio.

Connect to any preferred Point of Sale (POS) with interfaces to over 60 major Restaurant, Bar, and Gift Shop POS Systems such as, Micros, Aloha, Squirrel, Digital Dining, etc. Get a Merchant Account for credit card interfacing with a seamless connection to your POS hardware. You can also sell Packages!

Restaurant, Bar, and Gift Shop Point of Sale Systems

The Point of Sale (POS) Interface enables customers to integrate a preferred Point of Sale System (POS) with MyPMS and record transactions directly into the Guest folio.

BookingCenter interfaces to over 60 major Restaurant, Bar, and Gift Shop Point of Sale systems such as, Micros, Aloha, Squirrel, Digital Dining, etc. via our Guest Services Module.

We also support the ‘unofficial’ Micros x700 interface model for interfacing directly to devices that support it. An iOS (iPhone/iPad) system we recommend, and have had great success with, is the Aeries POS (http://www.aireus.com). 

The direct interface avoids the UHLL/Guest Services cost, and allows MyPMS to connect directly to the POS provider. Ask us how.

Sell Add-ons and Packages


From your website, you can offer Items for sale as an ‘up-sale’ each time someone makes an online booking. Experience shows that users are MORE likely to buy Extras after completing an online booking, in the privacy of their own homes/offices. Thus, sales of Items online often surpass those made ‘off-line’ at your facility. 

Each Item has its own image and description so that you can make a full-featured sell. Upon purchase online, these Items are downloaded and added to the Folio/Account as if you had done it yourself. A great merchandising solution!


Sell Packages containing combinations of Rooms and Inventory Items either on your website or through the Global Booking Network. Packages are an increasing percentage of all online transactions, and usually provide a higher margin of profit to the lodging, and a better experience to your Guest. Watch how Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz are engaging Packages on their sites, and realize why this is a preferred way to plan – and sell – travel. Ask us how to take advantage of Packages now. See a few examples of Packages.

POS Hardware and Setup Help

Pax PX5 EMV device

Depending upon which processor your Merchant Bank uses for your account, the Gateway Setup Forms may be downloaded from here

(*Note – ask your Merchant Bank Account Representative to set you up on a Tsys, VisaNet,or Vital processor platform to use with your existing Merchant Account).

See  all Recommended choices for POS hardware for use with BookingCenter PMS systems.

Please contact TSYS to provide PCI-compliant auth/payment/credit services in 87 countries native currencies via local banks, including Canada, USA, the Caribbean, and Latin America. This is the easiest, and usually cheapest, approach to excellent rates, ease of management, and security.

Let us help you choose the right Interfaces and Modules for your system.

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