Improve communication. Enhance collaboration within the housekeeping staff.

Mobile Housekeeping

Track tasks in real-time with status updates and push notifications to housekeepers, supervisors, and staff. Streamline operations by assigning housekeeping tasks in groups or individually. Automate housekeeping by triggering 'Full Clean' immediately upon Self Check-out. Improve workflows with visibility on the status of each room. Enhance hygiene by managing supervisory approval before PMS assigns the room 'Clean'.

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The Housekeeping App is fully integrated with MyPMS and our suite of Mobile Front Desk Services.  Everything you need to create a mobile “paperless” system and deliver the best – automated – guest experience. 

Seamless, REal-Time Housekeeping

Mobile Housekeeping

Get real-time status updates and notifications

Rely on real-time information on room status, staff progress and request fullfilment with push notifications. Every request is displayed on an interactive dashboard  making it easy to assign staff, respond to guests, and track request progress. 

Make communication seamless​

Enhance communication among staff. Auto-assign housekeeping requests, check which rooms are ready to be cleaned, change the status of the room, send messages  to staff and update Guests when rooms are ready.  Track progress with fully automated Request and Incident Reports. 

Go "paperless" and increase efficiency

Reduce costs and improve record keeping. All requests are digitally stored, so if an Incident Report is needed, the complete history can be recorded from your Housekeeper’s mobile phone, including photos, attached to the booking(s) for easy retrieval.  

Key Features

Assign and Track Tasks

Assign Housekeeping tasks, individually or automatically as Guests checkout. This creates Request(s) for each ‘Room Clean’ request to the right Housekeeper. Because each request has a ’start time’ and ‘end time’, each Housekeeper tracks how successful they are at cleaning each Room in time.

Automate Supervision

When a Housekeeper has completed work for a specific Room, they can (optionally) set the Request to ‘Review’ status, triggering a notification to the Housekeeping manager to approve the cleaning.  Upon verification, the Room gets set to ‘clean’ via the Housekeeping manager.  If an Incident Report is required, attach photos and descriptions for a historical record.

Sync with the PMS

Each PMS user can visit the Housekeeping page in MyPMS to review the status of each Room so they can know which Rooms will be available to rent in what order. They can also link directly to the Housekeeping Request to watch real-time as the cleaning process unfolds.

Notify Guests

Notify Guests when their rooms are clean via a WebHook to automate communication to Guests when their Unit is ‘CLEAN’. For properties using Self-Check-in and/or Self Check-out, this allows Guests access to the room when ready, as opposed to the ‘arrival time’ set with the booking.

Mobile Concierge, Guest Request and Incident Tracking System

The HouseKeeping app is a subset of MyGuest, BookingCenter’s intranet and iOS/Android ‘Guest and Incident Tracking’ product that enables staff to track and manage guest & internal requests in real-time. The HouseKeeping app is designed as a low-cost solution for better management of hygiene and Housekeeping within MyPMS. 

Immediate Alerts and Notifications

Downloadable iOS /Android app for staff for immediate alerts via ‘push’ notifications of new and incoming requests. Or use a web browser and manage via the Dashboard.  Either approach allows monitoring in real-time while roaming the property, or from anywhere, via your smart phone.

"Real Time" Analytics

Every request is captured and displayed in an easy-to-follow online dashboard. Your staff will never miss a beat – all open/active requests are fully visible and staff can be alerted to new entries via ‘push’ notifications. Up-to-the-minute charts and graphs display activity in visual format.  Reward Housekeeping for excellence in hygiene – and timeliness in completion of tasks.

MyGuest Mobile App Dashboard lets you track Requests and receive immediate notifications.