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BookingCenter Online Resources: Manuals, Training Guides, FAQ and more

MyGuest Training GuideA short document to quickly users quickly up and running with MyGuest. Acrobat .PDF file (17 pages)MyGuest Training Guide
Desktop QuickStart TutorialA short document to quickly get you up and running with the BookingCenter Desktop Software. Acrobat .PDF file (26 pages)QuickStart Tutorial

Desktop Reference Manual

A complete documentation of the Desktop BookingCenter features and functions.
Answers ‘how to?’ as well as ‘why?’ for BookingCenter Desktop users.
Desktop Reference Manual

Global Distribution System (GDS)


A collection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the GDS and OTA networks.
Acrobat .PDF file
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MyPMS User Manual

A complete documentation of the MyPMS system with help setting up and using the system.MyPMS Reference Manual

MyPMS Training Guide

A tutorial for learning the MyPMS system.
Acrobat .PDF file (15 pages)
MyPMS Training Guide

Channel Manager Manual

A complete documentation of the Channel Manager product.
Acrobat .PDF file (42 pages)
Channel Manager Manual





MyGuest User Agreement

The Agreement to use MyGuest, a month-to-month contract.Download MyGuest User Agreement

Self Checkin Agreement

The Agreement to use the Self Checkin Module, a month-to-month contract.Download Self Checkin Service Agreement

Online Checklist

A complete overview for creating and managing your property in the Global Booking Network.
Acrobat .PDF file (19 pages)
Download Online Checklist

BookingCenter Order Form

BookingCenter Order Form for products, services, and packages.
(prices in US $ – email/call for quotes in other currencies)
Acrobat .PDF file (2 page)
Download Order & Packages Form

BookingCenter Packages

BookingCenter provides package pricing that includes software, setup, training, and ongoing marketing services.
Acrobat .PDF file (2 pages)
Download Order & Packages Form

Business Process Document

A front desk, accounting, and back office ‘cheat sheet’ providing an overview of the most common day-to-day BookingCenter tasks.
Acrobat .PDF file (12 pages)
Download Business Process Document

GDS Switch Form

Optional for any property desiring access to the Sabre, Galileo, WorldSpan, or Amadeus GDS systems that has been listed with another representation company in the last 12 months. Request this form and fax to +1-718-228-5959.
Acrobat .PDF file (1 page)
Request this form

Property Account Form

Required for all properties signing up for online booking. Complete this form and fax to +1-718-228-5959.
Acrobat .PDF file (1 page)
Download Property Account Form

Property Setup Forms

If you would like BookingCenter to customize your Desktop Pro or Lite, complete these forms and email or fax to +1-718-228-5959 attention your Account Manager. There is a fee for this service dependent upon the package you purchase. Contact Us for more information.
Acrobat .PDF file (7 pages) or Microsoft Excel file (7 pages)
Download Property Setup Form (Excel)
Download Property Setup Form (PDF) (click and save to disk)Non-Disclosure Agreement

MyPMS Setup Forms

Only the End User Agreement is required for the MyPMS system, but the others are helpful and your Account Manager may request one or more of them. Email or Fax completed forms to +1-718-228-5959.
Acrobat .PDF files
Download End User Agreement | Download SignUp Worksheet | Download Implementation OverviewMyCard Signup Worksheet