Secure, contactless payment solutions with full PMS integration.

MyCard© PCI Compliant Payment Gateway | EMV - Swipe/Dip/Tap

Take deposits, authorizations and full payments in real-time when a guest makes a booking or checks-in on a mobile device or kiosk.

Contactless Payments. Latest POS Hardware. EMV- Swipe/Dip/Tap.

MyCard© is BookingCenter’s PCI Compliant Credit Card Payment Gateway and is tightly integrated with MyPMSIt is easy-to-use, eliminates the need for a separate POS, additional phone lines, monthly and transaction fees, and time-intensive auditing of settlement reports. Connect your existing Merchant Account (or, we’ll help you get a new one that saves you money) to enable ‘dip’, ‘tap’, and ‘swipe’ for credit cards. 

MyCard© uses the latest POS hardware – EMV, ApplePay, NFC devices (GooglePay, Samsung Pay, etc), mobile, ‘dip’, ‘tap’, and ‘swipe’ Hardware.

Contactless Payment

Online and onsite payments via a secure, PCI-compliant gateway and/or an EMV Swipe/Dip/Tap device.

Authorization at Check-in

Manual or automatic Authorization taken at check-in ensures funds are available for the stay.

Incremental Authorizations

Ability to increment an authorization or void an authorization and refund back to the cardholder.

Mobile and Kiosk Self Check-in

Take authorizations and/or full payment when a guest checks in on a mobile device or a designated Kiosk

Automatic Deposits

Automatically take deposits when a guest books online though your website.

POS Integration

Connect to your preferred Restaurant, Bar, or Gift Shop POS System with seamless MyCard payment integration. All charges post to the Guest Folio automatically.

Easy Search and Look-up

Search by 'last 4 digits' of a card # to assist with finding booking(s) using specific card(s).​

Automatic Batch Settlement

Settle Batches in MyPMS as a built-in part of Night Audit ('manual' or 'auto batching') with Detailed Reports.

Charge Back Response

Charge Back templates to make responding to a charge back easy and automatic.​

Fully PCI Compliant MyCard© System

MyCard uses the latest POS hardware – EMV, ApplePay, NFC devices (GooglePay, Samsung Pay, etc), mobile, ‘dip’, ‘tap’, and ‘swipe’ Hardware.

There are two variants to the MyCard© System

  1. MyCard EMV©

EMV terminals support a wide range of transactions, including support for ‘dip’ transactions (where an EMV ‘chip’ card is inserted into the EMV terminal); ‘swipe’ transactions (where a credit card is swiped into the EMV terminal); and ‘tap’ where the NFC (Near Field Communications protocol that supports ApplePay, GooglePay, Samsung etc) embedded in a credit card or mobile phone is placed near the EMV terminal.  The combination of MyPMS integrated with an EMV terminal provides a greater level of security. 

The MyCard EMV©  is an integrated Lodging application using encryption.  We have two certifications for EMV options:

  • Using Heartland Payment Systems and VersioPay we can support both EMV and E-Commerce (what we call ‘Traditional MyCard) with a single account (MID) and batch process.  EMV devices supported can be viewed on our hardware page.

Click here to receive a Heartland MyCard EMV© quote.


  • Using TSYS, we support a single account (MID) using a separate Terminal ID for the EMV than for the optional ‘Traditional MyCard’ (card not present transactions). It is a single account (1 MID) but the EMV batches separate from the ‘card not present’ transactions.  The TSYS solution supports PAX EMV devices using Company name: “BookingCenter”, Product: “EMV MyPMS”, Version: “1.0”.  PAX EMV devices supported can be viewed on our hardware page.  

Click here to get a TSYS MyCard EMV© solution.  

Traditional MyCard© System

Traditional MyCard© system works with merchant accounts setup by any merchant processing bank or ISV that can board an account using the TSYS/Global, VisaNet, or Vital network our ‘lodging’ gateway is certified with. These accounts work with both ‘card present’ transactions – using a card swiper to enter credit cards of Guests or Companies – as well as ‘card not present‘ events such as Self Check-in/out or Booking Engine deposits; entered manually by a User; from a phone/fax message, etc. Keep in mind, swiping is no longer recommended by Visa or Mastercard.

The Traditional MyCard©  gateway uses the Vital VirtualNet SSL with our certification under Traditional MyCard© system the Company name: “BookingCenter”, Product: “MyPMS”, Version: “3.5

See our latest and most up-to-date PCI Compliance Documentation:

PCI Compliance Certification Documentation

Self-Assessment as a SAQ Type D-SP Service Provider


Differences between Traditional MyCard©and MyCard EMV©

All cards added to the software are authorized with an auth amount defined by the property when adding new cards to MyPMS.  Once a card is entered via an EMV terminal, you no longer view the full credit card numbers. The device generates a token that is used for all following payments, auths and credits.  The tokenized card number is stored in the MyCard EMV© device or service. This tokenization increases the security to your guests as well as provides tighter security for your property and staff against credit card fraud. 

There are four reasons why a property would have both MyCard variants used concurrently:

Read more details on the MyCard system in our

Documentation area

POS Hardware: Get the latest EMV, ApplePay, GooglePay, SamsungPay, and 'swipe' Hardware

See  all Recommended choices for POS hardware for use with BookingCenter PMS systems.

Payment Processing Systems

MyPMS Customers

Setup for USA and Canadian properties as a single account for both EMV (‘card present’) and ‘not present’ (ie, Booking Engine deposits, Self Check-in/out, and manual entry) in a single MID profile. 

TYSYSSetup via MyCard and your account will be built on a Tsys, VisaNet, or Vital processor platform. TSYS can provide services in 87 countries’ native currencies via local banks, including Canada, USA, the Carribbean, and Latin America.

Channel Manager and Desktop PMS Customers

AuthorizeNet These customers can choose to use MyCard, or AuthorizeNet.  With  AuthorizeNet, nearly any processing network in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Euro area, or New Zealand can work.

MyCard and the Point of Sale (POS) Add-on Module​

BookingCenter interfaces to over 60 major Restaurant, Bar, and Gift Shop Point of Sale systems such as, Micros, Aloha, Squirrel, Digital Dining, etc. via our Guest Services Module

Point of Sale (POS) Module for Desktop PMS and Channel Manager

The POS Module includes:

The POS Module enables customers of our Desktop and Channel Manager products to connect preferred Restaurant, Bar, and Gift Shop Point of Sale system; either an AuthorizeNet or MyCard gateway for credit card interfacing; sales of Packages, or connecting various POS hardware.

Point of Sale (POS) Setup Guides

MyPMS Customers

MyPMS POS Hardware Setup Guide Set up a recommended BookingCenter POS solution for cloud-based MyPMS

Desktop PMS Customers

POS Macintosh Hardware Setup Guide  Set up a recommended BookingCenter POS solution for Macintosh Hardware Specifications

POS Windows Hardware Setup Guide  Set up a recommended BookingCenter POS solution for Windows PC Hardware Specifications Windows 98, XP, 2000, Vista, CD ROM drive and 200 MB free hard disk space.

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Compatible with:   MyPMS | Desktop PMS | Channel Manager

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