Website Booking Engine | HTML/XML/API Services

Innovative online booking solutions for properties that increase revenue, reduce cost, and increase bookings

Website Booking Engine and HTML/XML/API Services

Integrate real-time Internet bookings seamlessly into your PMS for a complete, automated Property Management Solution.

Drive guests to your website and increase direct bookings.

Your website is your main booking system.  We make it ‘Look and Feel’ your way

 Full-featured, mobile-friendly Booking Engine

Whether you use our Template Booking Engine, our HTML API, or our XML Web Services API to 100% customize your Booking Engine experience, BookingCenter has your solution. Automatic Booking Import with synchronized rates and availability.

Our full-featured, mobile-friendly Booking Engine makes it easy to take online bookings from your website with ready-to-use templates and the ability to manage rooms, rates, extras, packages directly in your BookingCenter PMS with synchronized updates and automatic booking import.

Powerful functionality makes it easy for guests to book multiple rooms, purchase add-ons, make special requests and choose discounted rates from any computer or mobile device.

It is easy and fast to customize your Booking Engine to reflect your ‘style’.with our Booking Engine Templates. Fit to your “look and feel” with  an Image Slide Show, Descriptions, Amenities and Policies.

Booking Engine Features

Innovative online booking solutions for properties that increase revenue, reduce cost, and increase bookings

Synchronized Rates and Availability

Automatic 2-way interface to your PMS guarantees synchronized rates & availability across all channels. 

Allocate Rooms and Rates to Channels

Manage multiple rate and availability targeted to specific audiences.

Agents, Groups and Company Interfaces

Group, Company, and Agent interfaces allows 'secure bookings' of contracted rates and allotments to Direct Bill companies, wholesale and retail Agents, and Group blocks.

PCI Compliant Payment Gateway

Accept credit cards for deposits or payment via a secure, PCI-compliant gateway.

Packages and Promotions

Sell packages with add-on's and create promotions with fixed or dynamic pricing, with folio integration and detailed transaction reporting.

Integrated Guest Request System

Integrated Guest Request System and Concierge Service allows your website to offer Self Check-in.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly on any device for anytime-anywhere access.

Google and TripAdvisor Integration

Full Google Analytics, Facebook and TripAdvisor integration. 

MyBooking and Self Check-in

Let guests manage booking details and check-in on any mobile device.

Pre-Arrival Booking Management: Modify, Cancel and Self Check-in. Our web service MyBookings allows MyPMS users to send confirmation or pre-arrival notices enabling guests to authenticate their booking and then edit their details, cancel their booking, or even self check-in.   Contact us to get a quote for this ‘self-concierge’ service.

Automated Process

Guests can login on any desktop or mobile device to update booking details and payment methods.

SMS Messaging

Adding the SMS Module to Self CheckIn delivers immediacy to your Guests.

Digital Signature

If you need a signed Registration Letter with terms and conditions, we offer an optional digital signing service, eSign,

immediate notifications

With the MyGuest Manager App, get immediate alerts and notifications when guests check-in, digitally signs a document, needs assistance or submits a request.


Integrate real-time Internet bookings seamlessly into your PMS for a complete, automated Property Management Solution.

Call Centers or Wholesale Travel Agents

Allocate rates and availability to each Agent that visits your website or you work via the GDS systems. Our ‘Wholesale Booking Agent’ provides for the agent making a booking on behalf of a traveler – perfect for Visitors Centers, kiosks, or booking agencies. More info here

Booking Engine Customization Options

Turning your website, FaceBook page, or blog into an ‘always on’ sales channel integrated with our Desktop PMSMyPMS or Channel Manager products. Among the customization options are:

  • Supports 7 languages
  • Secure, PCI-compliant credit card processing for deposits or 'guarantees' Mobile-friendly
  • Group and Agent interfaces to allow 'secure bookings' to contracted rates and allotments
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Fixed and Dynamic Packages with sales of Add-on Items such as tours, robes, wine, etc.

BookingCenter XML Web Services API (Application Programming Interface)

Want to ‘paint the screen’ of your Booking Engine web pages as you wish?  Then use our OTA XML API (a standard XML schema built on the Open Travel Alliance) that allows you to create your own unique ‘wrapper’ ( or ‘web service’) making a Booking Engine entirely custom for your website.  Either your web developer can build it, or we will do so according to your design guidance.

 Ask us how and Get more details on XML Web Services API.

BookingCenter HTML API (Application Programming Interface)

Use BookingCenter’s Booking Engine HTML API (Application Programming Interface) to query the Central Reservation Service using common HTML techniques such as FORM POST and GET commands to show customized ‘web services’ such as, a photo album of your property, a New Year’s Package, or rooms that can each hold 6 guests, etc.  Using the ‘HTML API’ is less complex than the XML web services, and any webmaster proficient in HTML design and coding techniques can use this spec. 

Get more details on the Booking Engine API Option

Website Interface Partners

These systems all use a certified OTA 2-way interface and can integrate our MyCard system for processing PCI-compiant deposits (if desired).

Third Party Website Interfaces

BookingCenter helps you make money and cut costs by integrating your website with a BookingCenter PMS, turning your operations into a seamless, 24 x 7 global reservation system. 

We offer seamless interfaces between our PMS systems and your ‘website platform’ company. . 

Connect our Booking Engine to your third-party website  and drive more direct reservations with an integrated booking system.


ODYSYS (partner since 2015) an innovative company based in Oregon, USA.

EasyInnkeeping (partner since 2014) serves the Bed and Breakfast Industry with simple and affordable website(s)

GuestCentric (partner since 2018) serves the hospitality Industry with innovative website(s) and marketing tools

Connectivity Partners

Easy availability maintenance – Get synchronized updates to all connections and channels.


TripAdvisor Direct Connection

As a Certified TripAdvisor partner, we provide a direct connection to TripConnect and Review Express.


AirBnB Interface

Maintain synchronized availability. Create a marketing profile for each Room Type in your listing.

GDS OTA Connections

Major OTA Connections

Direct Connections to major OTAs and affiliates with synchronized rate updates.

GDS and Niche OTA's

Maintain synchronized availability. Create a marketing profile for each Room Type in your listing.


Google Analytics Integration

Integration with Google Analytics includes 'Google Conversion" and 'Campaign Return on Investment'.

Facebook Integration

Facebook Booking Engine

Create a Facebook engine. See an example of our Facebook Booking Engine - feel free to make a booking..

Let us help you choose the right Booking Engine option for your system. Contact us today!


Compatible with:   MyPMS | Desktop PMS | Channel Manager

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