Connect your PMS to over 700 unique Guest Services

Guest Services Module

Connect your PMS to over 700 unique Guest Services

BookingCenter interfaces with various Guest Services devices in order to integrate an ever-growing list of hotel guest services systems including PBX, voice mail, call accounting, in-room Internet access, point-of-sale (POS’ such as Micros, Aloha, Squirrel, Aireus, Digital Dining, and dozens of others), in-room movie, keyless entry (such as as RemoteLock by EdgeState and Assa Abloy), mini-bar, and energy management systems.

Which Guest Services do we support?

Call Accounting

Voice Mail/PBX

In-Room Internet Usage

Keyless Entry Systems

Point of Sale (restaurant & bar)

Movie System

Mini-bar Management

Energy Management

Examples of Guest Services

Movie System Example

A pay-for-view movie is purchased in room. Once LodgeNet receives the bill, it posts – in real time – to the guest folio.

Keyless PIN System Example

When a guest self checks-in via a Kiosk or a Mobile device, the PMS creates a PIN for your RemoteLock automatically. The Guest dips/taps their card, pays according to your policy, and room entry instructions – with a unique PIN – are displayed and SMS and/or emailed immediately.  Your happy Guest goes direct to their room.

How does the Guest Services Module Work?

MyPMS support a few different architectures for interfacing to devices, from direct APIs to JSON and XML interfaces, to standards such as the UHLL by COMTROL.  Direct interfaces such as to RemoteLock; to Aireus POS for iPad and iOS devices; to any POS system supporting the Micros 2700/4700 spec for TCIP/IP delivery; and support all of the Comtrol Supported Guest Services Devices. For details on the specific features that the Guest Service supports such as, enforcing a ‘credit limit’, see the details of each device or contact us.

  •  Via a Kiosk or a Mobile device, our PMS can provide direct access to an RFID, Low Energy Bluetooth, Wave, or PIN pad lock from your RemoteLock automatically.
  • In a 2-way, real-time method by working with the Lodging Link standard, MyPMS can connect any of the third party guest service products that Lodging Link supports. Either via a hosted solution provided by BookingCenter, or an on premise PC at the property, a property can connect to all UHLL services.
  • Bi-directional capabilities are built into the interface, so as guests are checked in & out, and services used, these are automatically posted to the Folio or to the guest service device.

To get a specific cost quote on interfacing your Guest Services with MyPMS, please contact us.  If you are Guest Service device manufacturer or integrator, see: for info on connecting via the UHLL standard.


Compatible with:   MyPMS | Desktop PMS | Channel Manager

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