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Self Check-in

BookingCenter offers flexible tools to transform your Front Desk paradigm with Mobile and Kiosk Self Check-in. Fully integrated with automated payment processing (dip/tap at your Kiosk or manually via a Mobile device), business rules enforcement, and customized messaging.

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Online and onsite payments via a secure, PCI-compliant gateway and/or an EMV Swipe/Dip/Tap device, MyCard

Digital Signature

Send, Sign and Store unlimited Digital Documents. The right doc for the specific booking is presented, and securely stored, forever

Present a different interface to 3rd party bookings, such as an Expedia Collect or Hotel Tonight, than to your direct bookings. Offer unique registration Letters, as well.

SMS Messaging

Use SMS ('text' messaging) to deliver immediacy to your Guests.

keyless door integration

Use keyless entry powered by a PIN or mobile app, ‘keyed doors’ with customized instructions, or a mix of both

immediate notifications

Our mobile app notifies when guests check-in, digitally sign a document, need assistance, or submit a request with MyGuest

Self Check-in System: Mobile and Kiosk

Customers can add either of the Self Check-in options to their existing installations.  Both come with complete setup and training, which includes customized setup of the necessary Self Check-in screens and integration with your confirmation, payment, and registration process. 

Mobile Self Check-in

Let Hotel Guests Bypass the Front Desk

Mobile Self Check-in is ideal to allow guests to bypass the front desk, check-in via their mobile device, and go straight to their room. On Check-in date, the guest receives an Email and/or SMS with Self Check-in details and a secure access to our secure guest access portal.

Perfect for properties who use Self Check-in as a convenience or to supplement a ‘front desk’ environment.  This system enforces your payment policies (deposit, full payment, flat amount, etc), and offers instructions to access the specific Room/Unit assigned once the business rules have been met. Since Mobile Self Check-in occurs on the Guest device, your payments are manually approved by the Guest automatically, no EMV device required.  Because of how BookingCenter designed the  Mobile Self Check-in system, you are protected from charge-backs.

Kiosk Self Check-in

Total automation allows for EMV ‘dip/tap’ to pay via credit cards; Keys automatically delivered; supports legacy locks, as well.

Perfect for properties who use Self-Check in to supplement to the Front desk check-in process at a designated mobile check-in area. When needed, an internet device ‘greets’ your guests.  The kiosk may include e-payment terminals, physical RFID or PIN keys for door access, and paper printers.  Kiosk systems are designed for guests to make Bookings, look-up booking(s), ‘dip/tap’ payments and/or for authorizations, check-in, and print key cards or retrieve PPIN codes to gain room access.  BookingCenter helps with branding the UX and connecting all required technology onto a customer-provided tablet or Mac/PC.

Manage Self Check-in from anywhere.

Get immediate updates and notifications.

With the MyGuest Manager App, get immediate notification about the Self Check-in process. By the end of each day, only bookings not conforming to your business rules (authorization failed, late check-in, booking cancelled, etc) are presented for action.

Our iOS/Android app allows key staff to receive immediate alerts via ‘push’ notifications and monitor requests in real-time from anywhere via a smart phone. 

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MyGuest Manager Dashboard lets you track requests, assign to staff and communicate with staff and guests all in one place.

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Compatible with:  MyPMS | Channel Manager