Property Management System | Airbnb Interface

Connect your BookingCenter PMS to Airbnb.
Make working with Airbnb easy and automatic.

Take advantage of the BookingCenter – Airbnb Interface using any of our PMS products

Synchronized and Up-to-date

BookingCenter maintains concurrent availability, bookings, and guest messaging to your Booking Engine, GDS, and OTA with your Airbnb listing.

Easy Availability Maintenance

Availability of Room Type(s) in your PMS are mapped to Airbnb and automatically updated to the AirBnB system

Customized Profile

Build a listing in Airbnb for any Room Type(s) in BookingCenter desired. This allows you to have separate unit profiles for a variety of accommodation types.

BookingCenter- Airbnb Connectivity Process

When a BookingCenter customer updates availability (either opening or closing), the availability of whichever Room(s) are mapped to Airbnb is automatically updated to the Airbnb system. When a ‘confirmed booking’ or a ‘booking request’ is made from Airbnb, the Host is notified by both Airbnb and BookingCenter (though you can alter this to only receive notifications from one party), and the normal ‘vetting’ process Airbnb maintains between traveler and host begins, but all Booking Details will already be inside BookingCenter and set as status: unconfirmed until you choose to confirm it.  This, of course, syncs your availability to all channels: PMS | OTAs | GDS. And, of course, Airbnb   

The interface supports the following features:

  1. Availability and Rates. BookingCenter will update and manage both your rates and availability to Airbnb, as it does to other OTA channels.
  2. Rates: Customers can decide to use BookingCenter’s ‘restrictions’ to set ‘close outs’, Minimum Length of Stay, Maximum Length of Stay, etc on their Rates for specific Airbnb listing(s). Or they can elect to use Airbnb’s ‘auto-rate tools’ to have Airbnb automatically adjust rates as their ‘market analysis’ decides.
  3. Booking details and all Guest Messaging can still be found in the Airbnb app or website, but all messages and updates to/from Guests will automatically be entered into your MyGuest Concierge system.
  4. The Airbnb ‘booking ID’ given to the Guest will also be your BookingCenter ‘Booking ID’ (confirmation number).  Check In the booking when the Airbnb Guest arrives, as you would any booking.
  5. Add/Edit/Delete Listings and Images. Easily create as many Listings as you wish to your Airbnb account, seamlessly, in real-time.
  6. Payment from Airbnb (as opposed to Guest). Since payment comes from Airbnb via their ‘pay out’ method, you can manage the complete income and expense of an Airbnb via 3 ways:
  • apply the ‘Payment’ to the folio using either a new receipt type called ‘Airbnb Payment’;
  • a Direct Bill payment, which can be reconciled with your ‘Pay out’ method setup with Airbnb as an ‘Accounts Receivable’;  
  • or the actual method Airbnb pays you by, such as: PayPal, bank transfer, direct deposit, etc. 

To participate in the Airbnb interface, you will need to provide BookingCenter support staff with an acceptance of the annual interface cost ($360/year) and you will authenticate that Bookingcenter is your channel manager with your Airbnb Account ID. 

Compatible with:   MyPMS | Desktop PMS | Channel Manager