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Manage your entire hotel – bookings, guests, rooms, rates and finances.

BookingCenter MyPMS

green check mark Easy Front Desk Management: Tools for easy check-in and check-out

green check mark Interactive Tape Chart: Manage bookings and availability

green check mark Rates and Availability Control: Control pricing and availability with allocation to specific channels.

green check mark Complete back office Management: Full range of automated reporting and marketing tools.

green check mark Guest Marketing: Send customized emails and letters for marketing and promotions.

green check mark Automatic Availability: Seamless integration between your CRS, Website, GDS and OTA channels.

green check mark Online Distribution: Connect to GDS and OTA programs like Trip Advisor,, Expedia and Orbitz

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Easy Front Desk OperationsGuest and Billing ManagementBack end Accounting and Complete ReportingRate and Availability ManagementGroup BookingsPackages and PromotionsGuest MarketingComplete ReportingCredit Card Payment GatewayInterfaces and ModulesGDS and OTA Connections

  • Interactive Tape Chart
  • Easy Check-in and Check-out
  • Customizable Letters
  • Group Booking Management
  • Front Desk Management
  • Flexible Folio Control
  • Simplified Night Audit
  • House Accounts
  • Housekeeping Lists
  • Daily Reports

More about front desk functions

See how the Night Audit ensures correct guest booking and billing management.

  • Folio Management
  • Daily Reports
  • Night Audit Report
  • Extensive Guest History
  • Group sales tracking with integrated contact management
  • POS Receipts for House Accounts
  • Direct Bill and AR Account payments and invoicing
  • Automated, customized guest letters and Receipts
  • Customizable Reports
  • Booking Production
  • Complete Transactions
  • Commission Tracking and reporting
  • Advanced Deposits and Charges
  • Travel Agent Commissions
  • Occupancy Forecasting
  • Aging AR Accounts
Report List
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Rate Management
  • Yield Management for Forecasting
  • Seasonal Rate Changes
  • Weekday and Weekend Rates
  • Discounted Rates, AAA, Corporate, etc.
  • Closed to Arrival Dates
  • Block out dates
  • Group Allocations
  • Channel Allocation
  • Easy Group Booking creation
  • Room Type and Room Allocations
  • Master and Individual Folio Management
  • Customized Letters and Receipts

Group Booking Engine

Direct website bookings for Groups: An online booking engine, that offers a central location for individuals to book a room as part of a Group Reservation. Let guests choose their own room types and enter payment information from from the ‘real-time’ rates and availability. Learn more about the Group Booking Engine

green check mark Group booking management in MyPMS

green check mark Secure guest access with User ID and Password

green check mark Availability and rates based on group booking allocation

green check mark Customized logo, banner and Room Type images

green check mark Display Deposit, Confirmation, and Cancellation Policies

green check mark Customized group letter with user id and password

  • Packages on website and GDS
  • Promotional Codes
  • Add Items to online bookings
  • Room/Item Combination Packages
  • Promotional and Discounted Rates
Package Fixed Add

  • Extensive Guest History
  • Automated “pre” and “post” stay emails
  • Customized guest letters
  • Advanced Search Lists
  • Export To Xcel, CSV.
Report List

  • Powerful and Customizable Reports
  • Commission Tracking and reporting
  • Back-end Accounting Reports
  • Manager Control and Reports
  • Travel Agent Commission Reporting
  • General Ledger data exports to Excel files


Credit Card Processing

MyCard Credit Card Gateway gives you full control…

MyCard© is BookingCenter’s PCI Compliant, credit card payment gateway and is tightly integrated with MyPMS. Use your existing Merchant Account (or, we’ll help you get a new one that saves you money) to allow ‘swiped rates’ on all credit card activity.  Completely integrated with your PMS system.

  • Automate authorizations (auth, increment, and void), Make Payments, Give Refund, Create Batch settlements.
  • Swipe (or manually key) any credit card to a Booking, Group Booking, House Account, or Direct Bill payment.
  • Ability to authorize, increment an authorization UP or DOWN (ie, add or remove to an auth), or void an auth to give money back to the card holder.
  • Authorization taken at check-in. Whether or not you use the ‘Authorize at Check in’ we offer, it’s a great way to make sure the card holder has the appropriate funds on a credit card to pay for their stay.
  • Batch settle from within MyPMS as a built-in part of Night Audit.
  • Search by credit cards, to assist with finding booking using specific cards.
  • Charge Back templates to make responding to a charge back easy and automatic.

Learn more about MyCard

MyCard All major PBX and APBX vendor support.

Call Accounting Metropolis and Cash Plus

Website Booking Engine Take online bookings with ‘real-time’ rates and availability (optional payment processor). Customize “look and feel”. Sell items and Packages.

Point of Sale (POS) Connect to preferred Restaurant, Bar, and Gift Shop POS; Merchant Account –credit cards; sell Packages

Guest Services COMTROL integration to support over 500 Guest Services devices such as POS, Mini Bar, Movie Systems, Energy Management, etc. More details

Yield Management Manage rate yield and forecasting. Automate changes to Front Desk, Website, and GDS/ OTA Channels.

TripAdvisor – TripConnect Our seamless interface to TripAdvisor, Trip Connect and Review Express is highly effective at helping travelers choose your property when booking.

Marketing Services (MSO) Use guest traffic patterns increase revenue sources. Better understand your marketplace and maximize your impact!

Owner Management Allows management of accounts per OWNER and percentage (%) of the revenue allocated to from bookings per unit.

Packages Add items to accommodations and sell these packages online. Integrate tracking for easy fulfillment, financial and daily management.

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Full GDS, Pegasus, GenaRes, Consortia, and other networks integrated within the Global Distribution System. Learn More


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