Hotel website booking engine with PMS integration.

BookingCenter WordPress Plugin

A complete booking system with cutting-edge booking tools for the traditional, full-service and non-traditional, self-service hospitality provider.

Our WordPress Plugin provides an interactive, customized website, from ‘looking’ to ‘booking’.  

Complete Website Solutions

BookingCenter provides three approaches for WordPress developers or ‘self catering’, non-traditional lodging groups looking for an end-to-end solution.

Portal Website

This complete solution is responsive, mobile friendly, highly customizable and is integrated into your PMS (if applicable), OTAs, and payment gateway. Guests check availability, rates, amenities, activities, regions, cities, etc for a group of Unit(s) and return only those units meeting the criteria selected. This WordPress solution is based on the BookYourTravel WordPress theme using BookingCenter's custom plug-in.

Concierge Website

Move beyond the 'brochure' website to a sleek, interactive, mobile-friendly Concierge website. Fully integrated with any Booking Engine, as well as a Request and Incident Tracking System for Guests and Staff. BookingCenter's interactive WordPress app has built-in Dashboards, Google Analytics tracking, and supports an 'ecology' of vendors with iOS and Android apps to keep staff and vendors notified of events. This approach increases Guest satisfaction and sales of amenities, activities, and local services.

Booking Engine Integration

BookingCenter offers a library of simple templates for powering your existing website with ease. These work with WordPress or any system.

For design freedom, we support HTML and an API. This enables quick deployment using our library of templates, a Quick Reservation feature easily be embedded into any website, or a complete API to enable a webmaster to build their own Booking Engine.

WordPress Plugin Options

BookingCenter customers can use two different WordPress solutions to achieve the perfect ‘website’ for your specific needs.

Travel Portal Website

Portal Website for Search and Booking Across Multiple Properties/Regions/Locations

Portal Website is built in WordPress using the BookingCenter ‘plugin’ for the BookYourTravel theme. It’s meant for a ‘Portal’, or collection of properties.

This is an ideal solution if you want a traveler to check availability, rates, amenities, activities, regions, cities, etc. for a group of Properties and/or Unit(s) and return only those meeting the criteria searched. This solution is responsive, mobile friendly, highly customizable, and is integrated into your PMS (if applicable), OTAs, Payment gateway, Concierge system, and other channels. 

This solution is ideal for customers desiring a beautiful website with full Google Analytics, keyword positioning tools, and the ability to book each Unit by offering fine-tuned search tools to the traveler.

Concierge Website​

Move beyond the 'brochure' website to a sleek, interactive, mobile-friendly Concierge website.

Concierge Website for a custom WordPress website setup to provide Concierge services to the customers of your Unit(s) in all locations, as well as the ability to book each location distinctly. This is an elegant way to have a single website and integrate services (housekeeping, maintenance, activities, etc) and a Booking Engine into one.

From pre-arrival to in-house, Guests can submit requests 24/7, from any mobile device. And, you will never miss a beat!  Every request displayed on the interactive dashboard  making it easy to assign staff, respond to guests and track request progress.  Use the Manager’s App for immediate notifications and updates.