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The Group Booking Module is an important tool for businesses that work with families, travel agent groups, or other situations where booking – and invoicing – multiple guests on a single group booking.

The Group Booking screen displays details including the Guest, Rooms, Rate, etc as well as a financial summary of the group booking. From here you can print confirmations, accounts and letters for the group booking, add or review the receipts for the group booking, and add or review the accounts for the group booking.  In addition you can check the guests in, out, or extend their stay.

There are two ways to cost a Group Booking:

  1. The entire group can be costed from a single rate (regardless of rooms used) or
  2. From a collection of the individual booking costs. If this option is chosen, costing of the Group Booking will be dynamic – and therefore updated – once the individual bookings are edited

The Group Booking module is an OPTIONAL module to the base BookingCenter PMS system. It can be purchased and enabled at any time.

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