Remote Backup

remote backupFor customers who have their own remote servers that can be accessed via FTP from their property, the ‘remote backup’ Module allows BookingCenter to automatically .zip and save the BookingCenter datafile on a remote servers every night, reducing reliance on local backups.

Simply purchase the Remote Backup Module from BookingCenter and the Desktop Pro or Lite will ‘unlock’ the capability within the Software to place an FTP server host, ID, and password. You simply place your server address and connection information in the boxes provide and each night at midnight BookingCenter will automatically zip and FTP your datafile to the remote server.

It’s easy to use.

Among the benefits of the Remote Backup:

  • Guaranteed off-site backup each night.
  • No more wrangling with local disks that get full, corrupted, or annoy your staff.
  • Remote managers can audit the day’s activity by pulling down the latest transactions from your BookingCenter
  • BookingCenter support staff can login and pull the latest versions of the BookingCenter to offer support if needed.

The Remote Backup module is an OPTIONAL module to the base BookingCenter Pro system. It can be purchased and enabled at any time from our online Store.

* Note that we can not support backing up for Mac OS X networks. If you use a single OS X Macintosh, then BookingCenter automated backup works fine. However, if you have a Mac OS X Server and a Mac OS X client, the automated backup tools do not work. To backup Mac OS X networks, please use a third party solution such as a .Mac account or Retrospect.

Compatible with:  Desktop PMS