Full-Featured Property Management System

Full-Featured Property Management System, Channel Manager, Guest Request System

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Manage bookings, guests, rooms, rates and finances with our all-in-one Hotel Reservation Software, Booking Engine and Channel Manager

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Powerful and affordable Property Management Software

Manage on-site or remotely, simply, easily and securely with anytime-anywhere mobile access.Simplify your day-to-day operations with easy front desk tools and complete back office reporting and guest management. 

Easy rate and allocation tools

Gives you complete control with automatic synchronization to Website, GDS, OTA and Agent Channels.Maximize revenue and increase occupancy with automatic, synchronized rate changes from your front desk to all online channels. 

Channel Manager – GDS, OTA, Agent and Website Connections

Manage multiple online connections with complete control over rate and availability allocations, automatic booking import and synchronized availability updates to all channels. OTA and GDS Connections

Guest Interfaces and Payment Gateway 

Designed with the flexibility to grow with your business. Customize your PMS to fit your property with – PCI Compliant Payment Gateway, Yield Management, POS and Guest Services and more. Interfaces and Modules

Unlimited Rooms for one, flat, low monthly fee.  NO TERM CONTRACTS and NO COMMISSIONS!

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Front Desk Operations 

Booking and Reservations


Group Booking Management

Rate Management Tools

Billing and Payments

Accounting and Reporting

Guest Marketing Letters


PCI Payment Gateway


Packages and Promotions

Interfaces and Modules

Easy Front Desk Operations

Front Desk Dashboard with Daily Snapshot of key data such as, occupancy, availability and new bookings.

Group Booking Management with multiple folios and availability allocation. Multiple House Accounts for front desk charges and extras.  

Interactive Message System gives the front desk staff the ability to post messages, replies and keep a running log of communication.  

Simplified Night Audit for daily audit of all transactions and booking activity for the day.

Daily Reports for arrivals, booking comments and in-house guests. Create detailed Housekeeping Lists, easily mark rooms clean or dirty.

Booking and Reservations Management

Easy Guest search, check-in and check-out with quick search tools.

Quick lists and Daily Reports of Arrivals, Departures, In House, Cancellations and more.

Create and manage bookings with our Interactive Tape Chart and availability allocation features.

Assign Color Icons to Group Bookings for easy identification on the Tape Chart. Flag a booking based on a Guest type to make guest bookings easy to see on the Tape Chart.

Easily modify booking dates and room assignments.

Send and print customized confirmations, registration cards and Invoices/statements. email, print or fax

Rate Management Tools 

Easy control of daily, weekly, seasonal, promotional and discounted rates  (AAA, Corporate, etc.). Combine with Packages and POS items. Manage pricing and availability with allocation to specific channels. Automatic synch with booking engine, GDS and OTA Channels.

Automated Rate Management tools already built in your PMS system. Easily make changes to multiple rates at one time with the recent enhancements to Manage Rates and automate rate changes with Yield Management.
The Yield Management module is a powerful tool that gives you the ability to automatically change rates based on key factors like occupancy, date range and competitor’s rates. In addition, Booking.com/ BookingSuite customers can now integrate Rate Intelligence/Rate Manager Tools.

Billing and Payments

Powerful and flexible folio tools for applying charges and payments to a Guest bill.  All Charges and Payments will appear in the Guest’s Primary Folio and stayed attached to the Guest Booking.

The functions available in the Folio allow you to create additional folios, transfer items between folios and email or print folios or create a customized guest receipt.

Multiple Payment Methods

Create and use multiple payment methods including Credit Card payments and more. Apply Advanced Deposits and payments with detailed tracking.

Direct Bill and AR Accounts

Our Direct Bill Management and AR Accounts give you the ability to handle corporate accounts with detailed tracking, statements and Aging Reports.

Integrated Credit Card Payment Processing

Credit Card Payment processing with MyCard, our integrated payment gateway.

Group Booking Management

Easy Group Booking Management

Create and manage group bookings with stored group history, availability blocking and room lists.

Folio Management

Charge to group or individual. Group master and Individual folio management makes it easy to transfer payments and charges between folios.

Customized Letters and Receipts

Create custom group confirmation letters, receipts, statements and more.

Group Booking Engine

Take direct website bookings for Groups with the Group Booking Engine. Let guests choose their own room types and enter payment information from from the ‘real-time’ rates and availability. Secure guest access with User ID and Password. Learn more about the Group Booking Engine.

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Packages and Promotions

Sell Packages Online

Package rooms with extras and sell them on your website using promo codes and/specific available dates. Add optional items.

Flexible Restrictions

Manage packages, promotions and specials quickly and easily  with our flexible package function. Set the available dates, length of stay, discounts, number of guests, optional Items, etc.

Fixed or dynamic rate pricing.

Create Dynamic packages based off of your daily rates or create Fixed packages. All items are itemized in bookings and folios.

Build your own custom package with complete control over the rooms, items, pricing, dates, and minimum stay requirements.

  • Example: Romance Package
    Combine a room, flowers, and a bottle of wine, etc… and sell it from your website with a two night minimum, available any day of the week.
  • Example: Midweek Package
    Bundle a room, a meal + a spa treatment, etc… and sell as a package to increase midweek bookings. Available Sunday – Thursday only.

Report List

Accounting and Reporting

Powerful and Customizable Reports for back-office accounting

Manager and Accounting functions with Revenue, Item Analysis, Booking Production and Occupancy Forecasting.

Full range of automated report and marketing tools. Run Reports with advanced search criteria.

  • Group Reports
  • Housekeeping and Maid sheets
  • Occupancy Forecasting
  • Commission Tracking and reporting
  • Manager Control and Reports
  • General Ledger data exports to Excel files
  • Booking Production
  • AR and Advanced Charges and Deposits

Guest Marketing

Get extensive Guest History with export to csv., html and xls.

Advanced Guest Search give you the ability to find guest information easily. Create lists based on specific criteria for analysis and marketing.

Print and email customized guest letters for registration, confirmation, receipt, cancellation and more.

Merge fields auto populate guest and booking information.

Send automated “pre” and “post” stay emails based on check-in and check-out.

Credit Card Payment Gateway

MyCard Credit Card Gateway gives you full control. Use your existing Merchant Account (or, we’ll help you get a new one that saves you money) to allow ‘swiped rates’ on all credit card activity.  Completely integrated with your PMS system.

  • Automate authorizations (auth, increment, and void), Make Payments, Give Refund, Create Batch settlements. A great way to make sure the card holder has the appropriate funds on a credit card to pay for their stay.
  • Swipe (or manually key) any credit card to a Booking, Group Booking, House Account, or Direct Bill payment.
  • Ability to authorize, increment an authorization UP or DOWN (ie, add or remove to an auth), or void an auth to give money back to the card holder.
  • Batch settle from within MyPMS as a built-in part of Night Audit.
  • Search by credit card number to assist with finding booking using specific cards.
  • Charge Back templates to make responding to a charge back easy and automatic.

Learn more about MyCard

Interfaces and Modules

Call Accounting Metropolis and Cash Plus

Website Booking Engine Take online bookings with ‘real-time’ rates and availability (optional payment processor). Customize “look and feel”. Sell items and Packages.

Point of Sale (POS) Connect to preferred Restaurant, Bar, and Gift Shop POS; Merchant Account –credit cards; sell Packages

Guest Services COMTROL integration to support over 500 Guest Services devices such as POS, Mini Bar, Movie Systems, Energy Management, etc. More details

Yield Management Manage rate yield and forecasting. Automate changes to Front Desk, Website, and GDS/ OTA Channels.

TripAdvisor – TripConnect Our seamless interface to TripAdvisor, Trip Connect and Review Express is highly effective at helping travelers choose your property when booking.

Marketing Services (MSO) Use guest traffic patterns increase revenue sources. Better understand your marketplace and maximize your impact!

Owner Management Allows management of accounts per OWNER and percentage (%) of the revenue allocated to from bookings per unit.

Packages Add items to accommodations and sell these packages online. Integrate tracking for easy fulfillment, financial and daily management.

See all of our Interfaces and Modules

GDS and OTA Connections

Sell your rooms online with GDS and OTA Channels

As  a Channel Manager, we seamlessly connect your property management system to  your website and to Global Distribution Services (GDS) and OTA programs while managing rates and availability in real-time. Accept bookings from over 100,000 popular consumer travel websites including Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Priceline, Booking.com and Orbitz . Learn more about our GDS and OTA Services.

  Pricing  Interfaces and Modules GDS and OTA Programs

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