Point of Sale: Desktop PMS and Channel Manager

Automate payments and credit card transactions with the POS Module

The POS Module enables Desktop and Channel Manager customers these features:

Online Transactions

  • Transact receipts from every online customer who books rooms from your website. With the Point of Sale module, BookingCenter will use your existing Merchant Account (or we’ll help you get a new one that saves you money) to conform your online booking deposit policy (as guarantee, first-night’s deposit, or percentage (%) of the booking – you choose which) before the guest is given a confirmation number. The balance of the booking can then be transacted directly from your BookingCenter Software at your discretion. This makes running an online booking business as seamless as your front desk – guaranteeing accurate deposits and immediate cash flow from online bookings.

Inventory Sales – online, on site, and in global distribution

  • On site: From the Management Tools, you can sell Items directly (cash sale) or add an Account to a booking. Each inventory Item may have it’s own tax basis, account code, buy & sell price, policy, deposit, etc. Perfect for resorts, restaurants, and retail shops on-premise (Desktop PMS only).
  • Online: From your website, you can offer Items for sale as an ‘up-sale’ each time someone makes an online booking. Experience shows that users are MORE likely to buy Extras after completing an online booking, in the privacy of their own homes/offices. Thus, sales of Items online often surpass those made ‘off-line’ at your facility. Each Item has its own image and description so that you can make a full-featured sell. Upon purchase online, these Items are downloaded and added to the Folio/Account as if you had done it yourself. A great merchandising solution!
  • Packages: Sell Packages containing combinations of Rooms and Inventory Items either on your website or through the Global Booking Network. Packages are an increasing percentage of all online transactions, and usually provide a higher margin of profit to the lodging, and a better experience to your Guest. Watch how Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz are engaging Packages on their sites, and realize why this is a preferred way to plan – and sell – travel. There is a $300 (on-time) cost for the Package Module.  Ask us how to take advantage of Packages now and see a few examples of Packages here.

Registers (Desktop PMS only)

  • The Registers feature in BookingCenter enables all computers to act as registers – accepting cash, credit cards (in real-time though our Credit Card Swipers systems and Credit Card Processing package), gift certificates, and traveler’s checks. The system connects to any cash drawer and most receipt printers to offer a simple, inexpensive, full-featured financial management solution for your property. It’s easy to accept walk-in sales or transact a guest’s stay at check-out. Ask us about running a complete Point-of-Sale solution.

Real-Time Credit/Debit Card Processing

  • If you have your Register setup to accept credit cards, BookingCenter will tell the user to swipe a card or manually enter one. Once swiped, the POS system will authorize the transaction amount (or return error notices explaining why the transaction can not be processed), return the authorization code to the Receipt, print out a signature slip, and open the cash drawer to place the signed receipt.
  • Processing credit cards through the Internet requires a Gateway Account that allows access to your Merchant Account. We have built gateway software from AuthorizeNet, Vital/VisaNet/TSYS, and PlugNPlay into the BookingCenter software to provide the best reporting and management of credit/debit/e*check/charge backs/authorization – through your BookingCenter Software, Member’s Area, or your Gateway provider’s secure website.

Hardware and Setup Help (Desktop PMS only)

  1. Recommended choices for POS hardware for use with BookingCenter can be found at Point of Sale (POS) Hardware and Gateway Forms.
  2. Depending upon which processor your Merchant Bank uses for your account, the Gateway Setup Forms may be downloaded from here. (*Note – ask your Merchant Bank Account Representative which of these Processing Networks can be used with your existing Merchant Account). Fax us your current merchant statement to +1-718-228-5959 if you would like BookingCenter to analyze your current merchant account to help you save money by processing through BookingCenter. We have saved customers $500 per month in fees – the savings on credit cards in one year may pay for the complete BookingCenter system!
  3. For help setting up a BookingCenter POS solution on your Windows PC, click here .
  4. For help setting up a BookingCenter POS solution on your Apple Macintosh, click here .

Compatible with:   Desktop PMS and (partially) The Channel Manager