BookingCenter Property Management Software

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Multiple Properties

Create a Local Distribution System Start with a FREE Network! Manage multiple properties with a BookingCenter LDS and GDS, OTA, Agent Channel Manager.  he BookingCenter Local Distribution System© (LDS) creates business models around local travel networks. Learn more about our LDS

Desktop PMS

If you use Apple computers, iPads and iPhones, BookingCenter offers you a number of easy-to-use and powerful options for distribution and management for your resort, B&B, inn, or hotel.  We support the latest Mac OS X release, including the 10.9 ‘Mavericks’ release of the Macinstosh OS. See Mac Compatible PMS Learn More about Desktop PMS

Seamless Integration

While BookingSuite promotes and analyzes the performance of your digital ‘brand’, BookingCenter helps you make money and cut costs by tying your front and back office (PMS) operations into a seamless, 24 x 7 global reservation system. It all happens automatically! Learn more


Over 2,300 customers on five continents use our software to manage their properties. Many BookingCenter customers have us customize their software and then train their staff – within 2 weeks and for less time and money than any other comparable product. Find the BookingCenter software product that is right for you.  Read more about PMS Features and Benefits Support Resources:  KnowledgeBase and Video Tutorials Learn all about our Money Back Guarantee Demo a PMS Product

OTA Connections

All of our products ensure real-time synchronization between your property, website,  GDS and OTA Channels. We offer a variety of GDS, OTA and Negotiated Rate Programs. Extend your PMS with OTA, GDS and Meta Search