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Group Booking Engine

Start using the GROUP BOOKING ENGINE today! Create a Group Booking, give the group contact the customized link, user id and password. Guests then log in and book their rooms in the Group. The bookings are automatically allocated to the Group. LEARN MORE Getting started is easy! We have provided a list of steps to help you setup and customize your Group Booking Engine and make it easy for guests to add bookings. GET STARTED

TripAdvisor Interface

As a Certified TripAdvisor partner, we provide real-time availability and booking capability through TripConnect and Review Express. Learn More

Facebook Integration

Any BookingCenter customer can create their own Facebook engine via use of the Facebook coding tools. The Facebook application can run as an iFrame in your Facebook page or as a full Canvas Page.  Feel free to make a booking on our Facebook sample. Then, contact us to get a booking engine on your Facebook page today. Learn more about the MSO Module

Multiple Properties

Create a Local Distribution System Start with a FREE Network! Manage multiple properties with a BookingCenter LDS and GDS, OTA, Agent Channel Manager.  he BookingCenter Local Distribution System© (LDS) creates business models around local travel networks. Learn more about our LDS