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Our Property Management Software Interfaces and Modules allow you to extend your system to meet your property needs.

OTA Direct Connections

OTA (Online Travel Agency) Direct Connections Seamless bookings, automatic availability and rate update. Set up & activation is quick and easy. BookingCenter offers OTA Direct Connections to major Online Travel Agencies, such as Expedia and, with seamless integration of bookings and automatic updates of availability and rates.  All managed in your PMS with pricing and allocation tools for flexibility and pricing control. Why sign up for a Direct Connection? Set up and activation is quick and easy. Automatic integration of bookings (new/modifications/cancellations) and guest comments. Manage images, descriptions and amenities to each channel in the OTA Extranet. Easily add and remove room types […] RateManager Integration

Our partnership with provides BookingCenter clients with seamless access to RateManager’s array of products that are cost-effective and ‘built into’ BookingCenter. Learn More

OTA Direct Connections

Boost your online marketing strategy with OTA Direct Connections   increase and simplify your online bookings with the two biggest travel markets – Expedia and plus their 200+ affiliate networks like, Travelocity, and Orbitz. BookingCenter offers direct connections to Expedia and with seamless integration of bookings and automatic updates of availability and rates. We offer per booking or unlimited subscription pricing to fit your needs. It’s quick and easy, whether you already have an account with Expedia and or are just getting started. For easy step-by-step instructions, see Direct Connection and Expedia Direct Connection. Why […]

Group Booking Engine

Start using the GROUP BOOKING ENGINE today! Create a Group Booking, give the group contact the customized link, user id and password. Guests then log in and book their rooms in the Group. The bookings are automatically allocated to the Group. LEARN MORE Getting started is easy! We have provided a list of steps to help you setup and customize your Group Booking Engine and make it easy for guests to add bookings. GET STARTED

OTA Connections

All of our products ensure real-time synchronization between your property, website,  GDS and OTA Channels. We offer a variety of GDS, OTA and Negotiated Rate Programs. Extend your PMS with OTA, GDS and Meta Search