Webinar: Managing Group Bookings in MyPMS

Managing Group Bookings in MyPMS

Learn more about Managing Group Booking details, folios, room allocations, rates, group booking engine and more! In this webinar, Managing Group Bookings in MyPMS, we will review the Group Booking Wizard, manage Room Allocations and Group Rates, use the Group Booking Engine and introduce our NEW Booking Features – AutoFill and Assign Hard Allocations.

Get your questions answered and to learn more about the Group Booking tools available in MyPMS.

Topics Covered

  • Creating New Group Bookings – Group Booking Wizard
  • Group Bookings Best practices – Add bookings, Modify and Cancel
  • Overview Group Booking Details, Folios and Letters
  • Managing Room Type Allocations and Rates
  • Using the Group Booking Engine
  • NEW! Group Booking Features . Learn more Assign All Allocations and  Auto Fill Allocations

To see a recording, go to youtube.com/bookingcenter